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S E C Plating Pty Ltd has maintained its technical leadership within the surface finishing industry in Australia through a continuous program of intensive research and development. For over 30 years S E C Plating has constructed an impressive record of R & D, much of which has been adjudicated and supported by government initiatives.

Whether for environmental impact improvement, production efficiency, material consumption reduction or product performance enhancement, S E C Plating has been a major resource for its manufacturing customers in achieving a technical and economic edge in the market place with their products.

Through research and development and the ability to undertake systematic experimentations and proving, the company with its NATA (ISO/IEC 17025) accredited laboratory expert technicians and in-house engineering workshops has established a solid base of expertise which can service the most demanding technical needs of its customers.

The diverse nature of the electrochemical and surface treatment activities in which the company is continuously involved has proven to be a fertile environment for innovation and problem solving. Working closely with customers on specific projects or problem solving tasks, S E C Plating has been able to assist many manufacturing customers in achieving their objectives while, importantly, maintaining the integrity of their intellectual property.

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